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Make and Model of Weather Station: Davis Vantage Pro 2. Wireless version (June 2007)
Date first online: Nov, 07, 2007 at this location.
Physical location of anemometer and sensors: About 14 feet above ground level.
Location of Station: Back yard, in the the Shores area of the Bridgeland Community.
Reporting Software: Custom made software for the RISC CPU (MyWxBox)
OS and PC info: Instead of a PC,  it is using a ARM9 RISC CPU. This makes this site more dependable then using Windows and better for an industrial application. This box also takes about 1.5% of the power of a PC, the Moxa draws only 4.5 watts. Less heat and less power means less operating cost. A PC running 24 hours at 300 watts is about $35 per month added to your electric bill based on power depending on where you live. My nick name for this box is "MyWxBox".  Network is a Sprint Data Card, Novatel S720, and a LinkSys WRT54G3G-ST.


Note: "MyWxBox"  is made by Moxa with special firmware pre-loaded and available from Ambient Weather.
WebCam: To Day it is a TOSHIBA Network Camera, IK-WB15A. This was to be used as a security camera, but if you are watching moving objects, they are a blur. Even some one running by is a blur. I was using the  Panasonic BB-HCM531A and it is a great camera also. Since the camera has a PTZ in it, it can be pointed any where from north to south on the east side.
Where to get all this stuff from: Ambient Weather


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